James Archer-The Picnic-1870
James Archer-The Picnic-1870

I’ve been a podcast listener for two years now and I’m a huge advocate of the medium, both as a marketer and as an audience member. For brands, it’s an intimate way to build awareness, add value, and speak directly to a target audience. If the content is good, you could get as many as 60 minutes of your listener’s mostly undivided attention. As a consumer, it’s an easy way to work learning and inspiration into your schedule. I listen on walks, during my commute, while I’m waiting to pick up kids from their endless after-school activities and while I do monotonous chores around the house. It’s how I keep up-to-date with the ever-changing business landscape.

If you search for “marketing podcasts” on your player, you’ll find dozens of offerings. It can be intimidating. I’ve listened to many of the podcasts available and I have pretty strong opinions about which ones are the best use of your time. Here are my top picks!

Podcasts to Increase Your Marketing Brain

Brand Newsroom from Lush Digital Media: Lush is a content marketing agency out of Australia. The podcast feature James Lush and Sarah Mitchell of the agency along with Nic Hayes from Media Stable. They also regularly include one or two other guests who discuss content marketing challenges including improving copywriting, integrating social media in an effective manner, managing your time, and the influence of bloggers on your audience. Plus as an American, I love listening to the Aussie accents!

This Old Marketing with Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose: I listened to every back episode of this podcast after I signed up to attend Content Marketing World last year. Joe is the father of content marketing–he and Robert Rose coined the phrase and are the movement’s biggest advocates. They spend an hour each week discussing three to four articles about content marketing pulled from trade journals. It’s really a high-level discussion and sometimes it’s a bit heavy but I find it stretches my brain. Joe and Robert provide a big picture view of the industry. They do a lot of consulting and speaking engagements, and they really have their finger on the pulse of how companies feel about content marketing and how it’s working in the real world. Each week, they present an example of how content marketing has been used to promote brands in a historical context, proving the concept isn’t really new after all.

Content Marketing NEXT with Pamela Muldoon: Pamela is also part of the Content Marketing Institute and a former radio talk show host and her voice is smooth as silk. She interviews top content marketers in a format that includes an in-depth interview about what’s new in the field, what is happening right now with content marketing, and predictions about the future. The production value is top-notch.

The Pivot: Marketing Backstories: Todd Wheatland of King Content interviews content marketers about how they got their start in the business. His relaxed tone encourages his guests to share their successes and failures, and gives you a peek at how some of the greatest minds in the industry work. This is a relatively new podcast but I have loved every episode.

Marketing Smarts: From our friends at Marketing Profs, this podcast features interviews with entrepreneurs, authors, media influencers, and CEO’s who discuss how marketing has impacted their business strategy. It’s shorter than some marketing podcasts at roughly 30 minutes and I think the focus on interviewing people who lack the word “marketing” in their work title makes this a unique and valuable listen.

Social Media Marketing: Michael Stelzner, who runs the Social Media Examiner website, is the host of this 45-minute show. Not surprisingly, he focuses on the social media aspect and I find his more specific line of questioning incredibly helpful. He won me over as a huge fan when he spent nearly an hour discussing a disastrous and expensive mistake he recently made with his company. Anyone willing to talk openly and candidly about their business failures is someone worth listening to.

Podcasts to Inspire You

Ted Talks: If you want to learn how to motivate a crowd, listen to Ted Talks. Speakers discuss innovation, social revolutions, justice, healthcare and global issues in 10-minute segments. They ALL use stories to make their point. If you have to do speech-writing, this is a particularly inspiring podcast.

This American Life: This is the father podcast of that other show that EVERYONE is talking about–Serial. (If you haven’t fallen down that rabbit hole yet, just do it. You won’t regret it.) This is my favorite podcast of ALL TIME. Ira Glass is a master storyteller, and his reporters weave narratives that make you wish they would keep talking forever. I want to work for Glass when I grow up.

Reply All: A new show about the internet from Gimlet Media. It’s got the same feel as This American Life but it’s shorter and narrowly focused on specific topics. It’s superbly written. It makes subjects like website domain sales and app development seem fascinating. Trust me.

Do you have a favorite podcast that isn’t mentioned here? Share it in the comments!

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