Snapchat Isn't Scary

I want to show you how Snapchat works by demonstrating it. For me, the easiest way to learn how to navigate a new tool or social media platform is to simply watch someone else do it first and then to mess around with it myself. So here’s your chance to use Snapchat–no judgement! Learning to use Snapchat is really important for library marketers looking to engage readers in the next generation.

Download the app (it’s free). Once you have it, add me as a friend. I’m listed as webmastergirl.

Watch how I engage with it. Play with the brands that will be displayed at the top of your feed and see what kinds of images they share. It’s mostly content marketing and it’s usually good stuff. There are a lot of ideas that we could implement in our libraries.

I can’t wait to share Snapchat with you!

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