Five Reasons to be

I find that my mind is centered on gratitude this week. I am grateful and blessed with many things in my life including my job in library marketing. I hope that’s the same for you!

It’s such an extraordinary time to be a library marketer. The world of libraries is changing and evolving. Sometimes that can be scary, but many of those changes make it easier for us to forge a personal connection with our customers, improve our work performance, and help us have a positive impact on the world. How many people can say that about their jobs?

I hope you’ll bookmark this post and turn to it for inspiration when the daily grind feels like it might be too much. We really do have the best job in the world, don’t we?! Here are the top five reasons to be grateful for your work.

  1. Content Marketing is the new way to market. Storytelling is a basic tenet of content marketing and most of us got into this business to connect people with great stories so… content marketing is a perfect fit!  A good story cements your library in the mind of your reader by creating an emotional connection. We work in the center of story inspiration. Let’s use it to our advantage!
  2. There have never more free tools to help you do your job than there are now.  There are tons of free sites to help you form your strategy, free templates to help you execute your tactics,  free analytics tools, and even a dozen free sites to help you spy on your competition.  We don’t have to wait anymore for weeks or months at a time to see whether our marketing efforts are driving us to our goals of increased circulation, increased visits, or brand awareness. We can get the answers right away and we can use that data to refine our work or to make the case to our bosses that we need more time or money.
  3. The challenges of the internet keep your brain active.  Yes, it’s hard work to keep up a blog and a social media strategy.  Things are constantly changing and we have to adapt a posture of lifelong learning–and that’s actually good for you! If you get into the habit of becoming a lifelong learner, you’ll find you become more curious about all things and people. As you become more curious, you want to learn more–and you get more ideas that can help you in your work. It’s a beneficial feedback loop. Plus, science shows that keeping an active mental status can help ward off memory ailments and diseases later in life. So, staying up to date at your job may actually help keep you healthy and active in your old age. Yea marketing!
  4. It’s easier than ever to collaborate with others in industry.  One of my favorite parts of life as a library marketer is collaborating with other library marketers. I get to do that through this blog (thank you readers!) and through relationships I’ve forged on social media and LinkedIn.  It’s so thrilling to talk to someone doing the same job in Scotland or India. I find their perspective inspires me and can teach me a new way of looking at old problems. That wasn’t possible in the age before the internet.
  5. All the free books!  I’m going to take a wild guess and say that if you didn’t like to read so much, you wouldn’t have landed this job. I confess that when I’m stressing out over a problem, a walk through the stacks often helps unclog my brain and inspires creativity. How many professions can say that?

What part of your job are you thankful for? Share your gratitude in the comments.  I’d love to hear what you love about being a library marketer!

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