The author of this blog, Adam Baker, is the social media specialist at my library. He’s insanely smart and creative and if you love my blog, you’ll adore his. This first post about our new podcast is full of great tips. So give Adam some love and follow Socialbrary–you won’t regret it!


I have a crush. A crazy crush on someone I’ve never met. But she talks to me often. Okay. Maybe not me directly. But when she speaks, I listen.

Her name is Sarah. Sarah Koenig. She’s the host of the hit NPR podcast, Serial.


Each season is a true story told episode by episode. Koenig is an incredible storyteller. She’s a topnotch journalist who takes her listeners mythological through her investigative process. It makes for enthralling listening and has been credited by many for igniting massive interest in podcasts.

Serial is several episodes into its second season, so people have been hopping on the podcasting bandwagon for awhile now. That space is crowded. But it doesn’t mean libraries can’t jump in and make a splash. We have incredible stories to tell and launching a podcast can give you highly engaging content to promote through your social media channels. (Just make…

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