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I’m looking for examples of libraries that are having success and failure with email marketing. I always talk about what I’m doing at my library. Now I want to know what you’re doing at your library! Do you send emails? How many? To whom? What do they say? You can even send me examples or screenshots. Submit your stories now.

I’m also toying with the idea of moving my live show from Instagram to YouTube OR just plain recording a segment every week and then uploading it to YouTube instead of to Instagram. I’m looking for feedback on that plan. What do you think? Share your thoughts.

Finally, we answered a question from Chris Boivin of the Jacksonville Public Library. Chris wrote: “Something I’m working through now that might be a topic of interest: skills needed for library marketers. Or maybe just the connection between content marketing and library marketing. Finding that this is likely the most important discipline and skill needed before all else. Without the content, everything else is empty. Maybe that’s intuitive but I know we’ve been all over the place primarily focused on graphic design type content creation – you know: flyers, bookmarks, stuff to promote programs. And then we get cool tools like Orangeboy or analytics on demand and we want to make the most of them so we get into the data. That’s all got it’s place but it can take away from creating content to attract people to the library when they’re actually looking for things that the library does. I’d rather spend time and effort creating blog articles and web content that gets people to our site when they’re searching for things we do. We’ve done some testing with this and have been able to increase our impressions and click-throughs this way. I also want to lure people in where they expect us to be and then hit them with content that leads them to where we need them to be (and where they need to be, even if they don’t realize it). This is why I’m looking to reclassify my current Marketing Coordinator positions to Content Marketer positions. I’ll still have website management and graphic design, I’ll lead Media Relations, strategy and analytics, and we’ll still offer self service for our public facing staff so they can promote their local programs, but I want to make a shift to thinning about the work in terms of content rather than promotion and fulfillment. Like I said I may be more fortunate to have a big team (8 including me right now), but would be interesting to hear or discuss this sometime if it makes sense.”

Thanks Chris! This is really thought-provoking. I give my answer in the video but I want to also add that I often think of my staff as a newsroom of sorts. We’re putting together stories about the library and using that content to educate, inspire, and create action. I think that’s a succinct way of describing the kind of marketing Chris is searching to create.  When you stop thinking of all your marketing as individual campaigns and start thinking about everything you do as integrating with your library’s core strategy, you are on track. I love the idea of working the word “content” into job titles. It’s in mine! (Content Team Leader). If you have something to add to this discussion, please leave a comment below.

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