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Lori at Edmonton Public Library in Canada asks: “My question is around newsletters and specifically, how to get people to sign up. In previous (non-library) roles, one of the main tactics we would use to achieve this goal is to offer free content in exchange for email addresses. But, everything is free at the library. It’s a great channel for driving traffic to the website so just need more people to sign up!”

I share four ideas for driving more people to sign up for your newsletter. Be sure to add your suggestions in the comments!

And KUDOS to Carol Ghattas who works for the Rutherford County Library System in Tennessee. She secured a partnership with her local CityTV station to do promotions for the library, on Facebook, and Instagram, and she got a video out of the deal. It’s really hard to secure partnerships and a lot of media aren’t willing to give up air time or do anything for free. So kudos to Carol and her coworkers for working that out! You can watch the video here.

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