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Thank you so much for being a wonderful audience. I really loved talking with you and sharing our stories. I hope you learned something. I sure did. I got a lot of questions after my presentation and I’m going to do my best to investigate answers to those questions. Watch for my discoveries in future blog posts.

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Presentation Takeaways

Content marketing is: “a strategic approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience-ultimately, to drive profitable consumer action.”

Stories build a connection, which leads to customer loyalty, which leads to customer action.

For the cardholder, content marketing provides compelling, useful information, addresses concerns, establishes your library as a place for valuable information and builds trust. For the library, it helps YOU to learn about your audience.

Create a strategy. What outcome will you work for? This is a decision to take a specific path. Set real business outcomes. Ask yourself: What are my key opportunities? What are our core challenges? What are we assuming? What are the risks? What are our success metrics? Who are our fans? Who isn’t listening to us? Then write it down!

Ideas for content marketing

Print or email newsletters: Add stories and make your publication something people look forward to reading.

Video: Inspire fans with stories told by people who use your library.

Blog: Create consistent content that goes in-depth and really lets your audience learn more about the library.

Podcasts: Podcasts let you get intimate with your cardholders. It’s like talking to them one-on-one, directly in their ear.

Elements of a good story are: emotion, conflict and resolution, simplicity

Find good stories by: asking staff, crowd sourcing, social listening, approaching your calendar events with a twist.

Writing tips: Just do it! The best stories are never perfect. They are real. Don’t be afraid to fail. Write often. Write, then walk away. Read! Write simply and conversationally. Explain terms. Let non-librarians read your content.

Set aside time to be creative. We all need time to think about what we are doing and to ferment good creativity. Schedule time away from your desk. Write down every idea, no matter when it occurs to you or where you are!


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