Super Library Marketing: Practical Tips and Ideas for Library Promotion


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Improve Your Writing With Seven Tools

You've banished your fear of writing to become a better library marketer. You've learned how to unearth amazing content marketing stories about your library. Now, it's time to get good at the real writing part of the equation. I've picked... Continue Reading →

Amazing Content Marketing Stories About Your Library Are Right Under Your Nose!

I love content marketing for libraries and I believe stories are the best way to build a life-long relationship with cardholders. Many of you share my belief. But the real chore of finding and telling those stories can seem a bit... Continue Reading →

How to Banish Fear and Write Amazing Stories About Your Library

I have a secret for you, fellow library marketer. You have a superpower and you probably don't even know you have it. But I'm here to reveal it to you. Embracing this superpower won't cost extra money from your budget, doesn't... Continue Reading →

Stop! This Statistic is Destroying Your Library Marketing!

There is a pervasive statistic that is destroying library marketing. It's repeated by marketers, educators, civic leaders, parents, and pastors and it's driving me crazy. I'm calling bull**it. The average human being has an attention span of just eight seconds. This idea was... Continue Reading →

The State of Library Marketing 2016 Survey Results

First, I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who filled out the library marketing survey I sent back in December. The survey is my way of understanding the challenges you face when trying to market your library. I use these results to create posts that... Continue Reading →

Help Me Help You: Tell Me About Marketing at Your Library!

Surveys are the best tool for asking important questions and getting to know your cardholders wants, needs, and desires. They're also a very important tool for getting to know the wants, needs, and desires of your blog readers! I've created a survey... Continue Reading →

Get Stuff Done: Three Tips For Introducing New Marketing Ideas

Okay everyone, let's have some real talk. Is it just me, or is it sometimes insanely hard to get any new marketing ideas to pass approval in a library? Libraries are bureaucratic organizations. If you've worked in one for your entire professional... Continue Reading →

Four Things Libraries Need To Do–Now!

I love the New Year. The turn of a calendar can be the push you need to get you into the spirit of trying something new. And I'm celebrating the one year anniversary of this blog so I'm doubly in the mood for... Continue Reading →

Five Reasons to be Thankful to be a Library Marketer

I find that my mind is centered on gratitude this week. I am grateful and blessed with many things in my life including my job in library marketing. I hope that's the same for you! It's such an extraordinary time... Continue Reading →

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