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Want More Media Coverage for Your Library? Here’s How to Fix Your Press Release!

It's ironic that a former broadcast journalist can find herself without a good plan for getting more positive news coverage for her library. And yet, that was the situation I found myself in last year. I run the content marketing... Continue Reading →

TV News Coverage Ain’t What it Used to Be. What Now?

For a long time, I lived in a bubble. I worked in a local television newsroom. I knew about EVERYTHING that was happening in my community, from which convenience store was most often targeted by robbers to where drug dealers... Continue Reading →

It’s Not Personal: What to Do When Your Library Gets Bad Press

My library had a bad week, sort of. I say sort of because really we're okay. But a piece which ran on a local newscast and shed light on a serious health issue in our community included some bad publicity... Continue Reading →

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