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Now Is the Time For Your Library to Get Back to Snapchat

I suspect my library's relationship with Snapchat will mirror your library's experience. About two years ago, we claimed our account on this burgeoning platform and started experimenting with content and engagement. It was fun and different. We had high hopes... Continue Reading →

Snapchat Isn’t Scary–Learn How To Use It

I want to¬†show you how Snapchat works by demonstrating it. For me, the easiest way to learn how to navigate a new tool or social media platform is to simply watch someone else do it first and then to mess... Continue Reading →

What Snapchatting with My Teen Taught Me About Marketing

I'm glad I have a teenager. I worry about keeping up with the times. Technology changes so quickly, I fear I will miss the next big curve and my work will suffer for it. My teen is a sounding board... Continue Reading →

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