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Shrewd Marketers Challenge Conventions. So Should We!

I've thought a lot lately about how to approach library marketing in a new and fresh way. As my library creates and executes our strategy for summer reading, I am looking at each tactic and wondering if we can improve... Continue Reading →

Library Marketing Secrets You Can Steal From General Electric

The woman who manages marketing at one of the biggest companies in the United States--and perhaps the world--made a huge impression on me at Content Marketing World. Linda Boff is Chief Marketing Officer at General Electric. You might think a... Continue Reading →

Why No One Is Seeing Your Stuff and What to Do About It

Some people are just super smart. And you can tell the first time you meet them. Two years ago at Content Marketing World, I went into the main hall for a keynote presentation. There are 4,000 chairs in that space and... Continue Reading →

14 Content Marketing Influencers to Follow on Twitter

When I was a kid, my parents told me to choose my friends wisely. They wanted me to surround myself with people who would be a good influence on me--who shared my core beliefs, who were encouraging--but most importantly, who were smarter than me.   Turns out, that's good advice for grownups too,... Continue Reading →

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