Super Library Marketing: Practical Tips and Ideas for Library Promotion

Nightmare Scenario: No One Shows Up for Your Library Program. 😨 Here Are 3 Ways To Make SURE That Never Happens Again. Select this to watch the video The #LibraryMarketing Show, Episode 182: I recently saw a Tweet that broke my heart. A library staffer put together a great program but... no one showed up. I know how much work goes... Continue Reading →

The 12 Best Conferences in 2023 for Anyone Looking To Learn More About Library Promotions and Marketing

Photo courtesy Cincinnati and Hamilton County Public Library A few weeks ago, I met one of my team members in person for the first time. I’d only ever seen Caleigh from the shoulders up, set against a background of carefully... Continue Reading →

How to Promote Your Library’s Next Event in Just 5 Minutes a Day! Select this to watch the video The #LibraryMarketing Show, Episode 181: You are a solo librarian. You have only five minutes every day to promote your library. WHAT ON EARTH DO YOU DO? That was a question submitted by... Continue Reading →

The Behind-the-Scenes Story of How Two Neighboring Libraries Teamed Up To Create a Fake Rivalry Video for Promotional Success

Photo courtesy Cincinnati and Hamilton County Public Library Tamara Murray moved around a lot as a kid. But her family settled in Westerville, Ohio when she was 11 years old. She’s lived there ever since and now works for the... Continue Reading →

Your Library Needs To Be More Like Walmart! How To Build Marketing Success Like a Giant Retailer (Without Sacrificing Your Integrity). Watch the episode here The #LibraryMarketing Show, Episode 180: How many times have you or someone at your library said, "We just want to make sure everybody in the community knows everything the library has to offer." That, my... Continue Reading →

Libraries Have a Huge Competitive Advantage: Customer Service! Here Are 3 Promotional Tips To Drive Home That Message

Photo courtesy Cincinnati and Hamilton County Public Library The best customer service experience I ever had was with a cell phone provider. No kidding. I was having issues getting my contacts to transfer to a new phone. The provider’s website... Continue Reading →

The Secret To Tell Compelling and Memorable Stories About Your Library That Make People Cry! Watch this video The #LibraryMarketing Show, Episode 179: There are a series of Facebook ads that I have actually watched in their entirety... something I have NEVER done before. So what does this have to do with you? In... Continue Reading →

Library Reveals Inner Secrets of Award-Winning Marketing Campaigns… Now You Can Replicate Them!

Photo courtesy Cincinnati and Hamilton County Public Library A woman in a blue shirt walks dejectedly through the library, head down, shoulders hunched. She waves at patrons coming in and out of the building, but no one notices. She places... Continue Reading →

Click Here Now! How to Supercharge Your Calls to Action and Get People To Interact With Your Library The #LibraryMarketing Show, Episode 179: It's time to work on your calls to action! How do you motivate people to interact with your library promotions? It's time to supercharge your call to action or CTA game! You'll find tips... Continue Reading →

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