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Security Threat! Twitter is Hot Mess Right Now: Four Steps to Lock Down Your Library’s Account Watch now⬆️ The Library Marketing​​​​​​​​ Show, Episode 167: This episode is a must-see for any library that posts on Twitter. Elon Musk's takeover of the social media platform has put accounts at risk. I'll explain the threat and the... Continue Reading →

Click Now! What’s a Good Click-Thru Rate For Library Marketing and How Do You Make Your CTR Rise? Click to watch the episode. The Library Marketing​​​​​​​​ Show, Episode 166: This episode is all about click-thru rates for digital promotions! This topic was suggested by a viewer named Lily who says, "We have a super high open rate... Continue Reading →

Your Library Needs To Use Camel Case Hashtags on Social Media: Join the Movement To Force Change! The Library Marketing​​​​​​​​ Show, Episode 165: I need your library's help forcing a change that will make social media more accessible to everyone. I'll explain why your library should use camel case hashtags and how you can join the... Continue Reading →

🎧Announcing a New Podcast Exclusively for Library Marketers! Full Details In This Video The Library Marketing​​​​​​​​ Show, Episode 163: I'll share some exciting news for anyone who wants to learn more about library promotions from the top minds in the business. There is a new podcast in the world all about library... Continue Reading →

Make Sure Your Library Promotional Emails Get Noticed in the Inbox! Here Are Some Tips That Actually Work. The #LibraryMarketing​​​​​​​​ Show, Episode 162: This episode is my response to a recent comment by a library staffer. They believe that marketing emails aren't worth their time because people receive too many emails from brands. That's a common misconception.... Continue Reading →

Libraries: It’s Time to Update Your Crisis Communication Plan! Here’s What You Need to Revise. The Library Marketing​​​​​​​​ Show, Episode 161: In the wake of Hurricane Ian, libraries around the world should take the time to update their crisis communication plans. Most libraries put a crisis plan into place during the pandemic. But if... Continue Reading →

New Algorithm Insight Means Your Library’s Facebook and Instagram Posts Will Need To Change but… It’s Not Necessarily a Bad Thing! The Library Marketing​​​​​​​​ Show, Episode 160 In this episode, I have three whopper social media headlines to share. First, there is new insight into the Facebook and Instagram algorithm. What does this mean for your library? We'll talk it... Continue Reading →

📱How to Properly (and Legally!) Share Creative Content on Your Library’s Social Media Channels In this episode of The Library Marketing Show, I'll answer a question from the viewer about sharing original content from other creators on social media. This viewer asked for clarification on the correct online etiquette for sharing content, specifically... Continue Reading →

Perfection Fatigue Is Good News for Your Library! What Millennial & Gen Z Patrons Really Want ⬇️ The Library Marketing​​​​​​​​ Show, Episode 157 In this episode, I want to share some good news for libraries about something called Perfection Fatigue. This is the idea that people don't want to see your library in its most perfect... Continue Reading →

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