Super Library Marketing: Practical Tips and Ideas for Library Promotion



Marketing Your Library’s Annual Report: How to Get Staff to Help and Make Sure Everyone in Your Community Understands Your Value

Photo courtesy Cincinnati and Hamilton County Public Library Barbara Swinn knows what she’s doing. She’s worked with libraries for 40 years, most recently as manager of the flagship library for Explore York Libraries and Archives  She’s been awarded the British... Continue Reading →

Libraries Have a Huge Competitive Advantage: Customer Service! Here Are 3 Promotional Tips To Drive Home That Message

Photo courtesy Cincinnati and Hamilton County Public Library The best customer service experience I ever had was with a cell phone provider. No kidding. I was having issues getting my contacts to transfer to a new phone. The provider’s website... Continue Reading →

The Library Marketing Lesson You Can Learn From the Greatest Out-of-Office Message Ever! Watch this video The Library Marketing Show, Episode 174: I received the best out-of-office message EVER from a librarian! And part of the reason it was the best was that it contained a marketing message. Find out how you... Continue Reading →

Why Is It So Hard for Libraries To Recruit New Cardholders? Early Research Results May Hold Answers Just in Time for National Library Card Sign-Up Month

Watch This Video The Library Marketing​​​​​​​​ Show, Episode 155: In this episode, I want to share the early results of ongoing research in Poland about how non-library users view the library. This research is being conducted with the help of... Continue Reading →

Your Library Has a Chat Service–Now, How Do You Get People to Use It? Here Are 6 Promotional Tips! [VIDEO]

Watch The Video Now The Library Marketing​​​​​​​​ Show, Episode 143: In this episode, we'll answer a viewer's question. Sara of the Washington State Library asked for help promoting library chat services. I have six suggestions that will work for any... Continue Reading →

Ditch the Formal Document! How One Library Turned Their Ordinary Annual Report Into a Storytelling Masterpiece That Connected With Their Community

Image courtesy Cincinnati and Hamilton County Public Library Here is a question that has been the source of many an existential crisis for library staff. What is the value of your work? That proposition is at the heart of a... Continue Reading →

Library Conferences Need More Marketing Sessions! 5 PLA Attendees Explain Why a Focus on Promotions is Critical Right Now [ARTICLE]

Photo courtesy the Cincinnati and Hamilton County Public Library I’ve spent days trying to land on the right words to describe the amazing week I’ve just had. I attended my first Public Library Association conference this past week in Portland,... Continue Reading →

Help Your Community Understand a Crisis: 3 Tips To Thoughtfully Address World Events With Library Promotions [VIDEO]

Watch Now The Library Marketing​​​​​​​​ Show, Episode 134: This episode was born out of a desire to help libraries address the war in Ukraine and other major world events. There are 3 ways your library can provide context, resources, and... Continue Reading →

Two Key Areas of Marketing Focus That Will Deepen Your Community’s Loyalty to Your Library and Create the Truly Engaged Library User

Photo courtesy Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County. Click on the image to visit their digital library. For most libraries, the end of the fiscal year is here. I think this is the perfect time to implement two new... Continue Reading →

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