Wednesday, February 5, 2020 at noon EST: The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Success: Powerful Tips To Make the Platform Work for Your Library with Florida Library Webinars. Note: You must work in  library in Florida to be able to attend this session live. If you work in Florida library, register here.

Thursday, February 27 through Friday, February 28, 2020: Edge 2020 in Edinburgh, Scotland. It’s Time to Brag About Your Library! Five Sneaky Ways Your Library Staff Can Do Marketing During Their Normal Workday. Many libraries spend vast amounts of time and energy creating services and building their collection for the good of their community. But all of that money, time, and effort is for nothing if the people who live in your community don’t know you exist! Marketing is crucial for the survival of the library industry. Angela Hursh will share five ways your library staff can market to new and current customers during their workday. Registration is now open.

Tuesday, March 10 at 2:30 p.m. EST: A Librarian’s Crash Course in Marketing: The Beginner’s Guide to Promoting Your Collection and Events (with RAILS). Librarians are busy. You’re on the front lines, trying to work with cardholders and community members. You’re looking up information, shelving items, filling out paperwork, and putting up displays. And now, your library expects you to do the marketing too! Don’t panic. In this webinar, Angela Hursh will give you the basics of library marketing and share tips to promote your branch, events, and collection without having to go back to school to get a marketing degree. Registration is now open.

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