Super Library Marketing: Practical Tips and Ideas for Library Promotion



Frustrated with Your Library Marketing Newsletter? Here’s Why You’re Not Getting the Results You Want AND How to Fix It

I hold a controversial opinion. Newsletters are an ineffective tool for library marketing. I totally understand why libraries create them. Our customers are a wide and diverse audience and our budget is limited. Newsletters are an easy and efficient way... Continue Reading →

How Can You Tell If People Want To Read Your Library’s Print Newsletter or Magazine? Some Not Exactly Scientific Ideas!

I love my library's print publication, Library Links. It's full of stories about the library, its staff, and its cardholders. It's fun to write. It fun to watch it transform from a bunch of Word documents into a legitimate magazine.... Continue Reading →

Our Library Created a New Message and You Can Too!

Confession: as a former broadcast television journalist, I used to laugh at print. Who has time to read paper anything? Doesn't life revolve around the mobile device? Why would you even bother with a newsletter? That's so 1965! I was... Continue Reading →

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