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Free Tools To Help You Do PR Better

(Read time: 3 minutes, 7 seconds) Confession: when I was working as a TV journalist, I thought public relations was soooooo easy. I imagined a typical PR person spent their day sitting at a desk, cranking out press releases, one... Continue Reading →


TV News Coverage Ain’t What it Used to Be. What Now?

For a long time, I lived in a bubble. I worked in a local television newsroom. I knew about EVERYTHING that was happening in my community, from which convenience store was most often targeted by robbers to where drug dealers... Continue Reading →

It’s Not Personal: What to Do When Your Library Gets Bad Press

My library had a bad week, sort of. I say sort of because really we're okay. But a piece which ran on a local newscast and shed light on a serious health issue in our community included some bad publicity... Continue Reading →

Q&A: How a Tongue-in-Cheek Message Sparked Success for Chicago Public Library

A few weeks ago, a video by the Chicago Public Library caught my attention. It was part of a series of videos designed to promote a fine amnesty program. If you haven't seen them, you need to. There are a whole series... Continue Reading →

When Disaster Strikes: How to Prepare for a Crisis in Your Library

It's going to happen someday. At some point your library will face a crisis. Perhaps it will be a non-lethal but worrisome issue--black mold found in study rooms or a power outage that lasts several days and closes several branches... Continue Reading →

Eight Secrets For Library Press and Media Coverage

With a small or nonexistent budget, many libraries rely on the news media for publicity. For my library, news stories are still one of the most effective ways to raise awareness about a new product, service, or exhibit. But the... Continue Reading →

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