Super Library Marketing: Practical Tips and Ideas for Library Promotion


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Your Website is the MOST Important Gateway to Your Library Right Now. Here Are Eleven Quick Design Tweaks to Make It Amazing.

Your library website is getting quite the workout right now. In fact, during this pandemic, your website is the most important connection between your patrons and your services. It's your digital doorway. It's your news center. It's a promotional tool. So,... Continue Reading →

Four Instant Ways to Improve the Most Valuable Page on Your Library Website

I find lately that I'm obsessed of late with library web pages. I've set aside time every week to look at how different libraries around the world set up their websites. What do library's feature or highlight their homepage? How... Continue Reading →

Be Human and Connect: Advice From David Lee King

When I started work at the Library,  the name David Lee King kept popping up in random project team meetings. Administrators would quote his advice on website development and MakerSpace emerging technology. People talked about his engaging conference presentations. I was... Continue Reading →

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