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But I’m Not a Writer! 10 Free Tools To Help You With Library Blog Posts, Speeches, Emails, and More.

Photo courtesy Cincinnati and Hamilton County Public Library I do my best writing in the darkness. I wake up most workdays around 5:30 a.m. I pour coffee and add enough creamer to turn the liquid from black to beige. Then... Continue Reading →

🤦I Screwed Up! Why You Should Never Trust Artificial Intelligence (AI) To Handle Your Library’s Closed Captioning Watch Now The Library Marketing Show, Episode 177: I made a big mistake. I trusted Artificial intelligence (AI)! It was embarrassing but... it's a great lesson for me and for your library. In this episode, I'll share what I... Continue Reading →

8 Secrets to Writing Irresistible, Must-Open Library Email Subject Lines PLUS 6 Free Tools To Ensure Success!

Photo courtesy Cincinnati and Hamilton County Public Library Your subject lines play a significant role in the success of your library email marketing campaigns. They're the first thing your recipients notice about your emails.  And a good subject line is... Continue Reading →

Is This the Beginning of the End for Social Media Marketing at Your Library? 4 Ways To Prepare Now! Watch the video The #LibraryMarketing Show, Episode 175: Is this the end of social media marketing for libraries?? I know that's a scary thought. (But, is it really?) There are signs that social media, in general, is not holding... Continue Reading →

“Pure Chaos”: A Library Marketer Reveals How She Turned a Scavenger Hunt for Six Baby Dinosaurs Into a Promotional Win

Photo courtesy Cincinnati and Hamilton County Public Library When Julia Pitts walks into a library or flips open a newly checked-out book, she remembers her grandmother, Velma. A frugal woman who grew up in the Great Depression, Velma embedded Julia... Continue Reading →

The Library Marketing Lesson You Can Learn From the Greatest Out-of-Office Message Ever! Watch this video The Library Marketing Show, Episode 174: I received the best out-of-office message EVER from a librarian! And part of the reason it was the best was that it contained a marketing message. Find out how you... Continue Reading →

How to Analyze Your Library Marketing: A Primer AND a Deep-Dive into Data to Ensure Promotional Success This Year

Photo courtesy Cincinnati and Hamilton County Public Library In my sophomore year of high school, I nearly failed my math class. Geometry at Old Fort High School was taught by Mrs. Hoover, a quiet, unassuming woman with a bouffant hairdo... Continue Reading →

The 2023 Guide to Social Media for Libraries: Twitter

Photo courtesy Cincinnati and Hamilton County Library This is the final part of a series on social media best practices for libraries in 2023. These posts include best practices for the following platforms: LinkedIn Facebook TikTok YouTube Instagram Twitter for... Continue Reading →

Does Your Library Really Understand Your Community? How To Use Emotion To Elevate Your Promotional Impact! Hit the play button above to watch the video The Library Marketing​​​​​​​​ Show, Episode 171: In this episode, I'm going to share an example of a marketing campaign from the makers of the game Monopoly. This campaign uses a... Continue Reading →

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