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The Library Marketing Show Episode 13: Best FREE Ways To Reach Non-Cardholders!

Watch Now In the episode, we answer a viewer question from Melissa of the Dallas Public Library who asked about the best cost-effective methods for reaching non-users - and by cost-effective, she means free! My answers might surprise you. Let... Continue Reading →


Break Free from the Poster-Flyer-Bookmark Cycle and Convince Your Library Co-Workers that Digital Marketing is Better than Print Marketing!

If there's one problem all library marketing professionals share, it's this:┬áLibrary staff ask us for lots of print promotional pieces: flyers, posters, and bookmarks. Then more posters and flyers and bookmarks. Unless you have a tight brand strategy with guidelines... Continue Reading →

The Library Marketing Show Episode 12: How to Convince People that Flyers ARE NOT the Be All, End All of Library Marketing!!

Watch Now In this episode, we'll answer a reader question from Jenny at the Redwood City Public Library about how to address that age-old complaint: WHY CAN'T I HAVE MORE FLYERS? FLYERS ARE AMAZING! from your fellow library staff and... Continue Reading →

How Your Library Can Use Google Ad Grants to Supercharge Your Website and Reach a Huge Untapped Audience

A few months back, I was listening to an episode of the Library Figures podcast about a program from Google that gives money to libraries so libraries can buy keyword placement on Google. Maybe I'm the last library marketer to... Continue Reading →

The Library Marketing Show Episode 11: EVERYONE Wants a Library Marketing Video! How Do You Handle Requests and Stay Sane??

Watch now Reader question: Tiffany Wilson of Chattahoochee Valley Libraries says, "We've recently added a Multi-Media Production Specialist position to our Community Engagement Department. As expected, everyone is extremely excited about his skill set. What criteria have you established for... Continue Reading →

Frustrated with Your Library Marketing Newsletter? Here’s Why You’re Not Getting the Results You Want AND How to Fix It

I hold a controversial opinion. Newsletters are an ineffective tool for library marketing. I totally understand why libraries create them. Our customers are a wide and diverse audience and our budget is limited. Newsletters are an easy and efficient way... Continue Reading →

The Library Marketing Show Episode 10: Why Email Marketing is the BEST THING EVER for Libraries

Watch Now Library News: IFLA's new Idea Store! I'm obsessed. It's a great place to exchange ideas. Check it out here. Reader question: Leigh of Pikes Peak Library District asked: I'd like to talk about how to convince the powers-that-be... Continue Reading →

Don’t Stress Out! Here’s How To Tackle Library Marketing With a Small Staff AND Still Preserve Your Sanity

In July, I had the privilege to be part of a webinar by Recorded Books and the Library Journal on digital promotions of libraries. Many of you participated--thank you for attending! There were a lot of questions after the webinar... Continue Reading →

The Library Marketing Show Episode 9: Make Your Library Website Accessible!

Watch Now What We Talked About Library News: A civil California Grand Jury decides that the Santa Cruz Public Library's potential use of a data analytics tool would threaten patron privacy. The library ended up not using the tool, but... Continue Reading →

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