Super Library Marketing: Practical Tips and Ideas for Library Promotion


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Putting ChatGPT to The Test: Will It Help Your Library With Promotions? Plus A Free Spreadsheet of Prompts To Get You Started!

Photo courtesy Cincinnati and Hamilton County Public Library When I was a kid, I always wanted a robot. I blame The Jetsons. They made robots look fun and practical. I imagined my robot would do my chores for me and... Continue Reading →

What Is All the Fuss About ChatGPT? An Introductory Guide for Using AI in Library Promotions

Photo courtesy Cincinnati and Hamilton County Public Library In my freshman year of college, a woman came to my Intro to Communications class to talk about the future of the Internet. She told us that someday, the internet would keep... Continue Reading →

8 Secrets to Writing Irresistible, Must-Open Library Email Subject Lines PLUS 6 Free Tools To Ensure Success!

Photo courtesy Cincinnati and Hamilton County Public Library Your subject lines play a significant role in the success of your library email marketing campaigns. They're the first thing your recipients notice about your emails.  And a good subject line is... Continue Reading →

14 Completely Random and Free Tools You Need in Your Life To Make Your Library Promotional Work Easier

My mother believes the old-fashioned way is the best way to do most things. She prefers mixing cookie dough with a spoon rather than using her KitchenAid mixer. She likes wrapping gifts with paper rather than using gift bags. She... Continue Reading →

The Top Eight Free Websites to Spy on Competitors and Get Ahead in the Library Marketing Game!

Library marketers are asked to make a lot of miracles happen. We are asked to grow circulation, drive attendance at programs, and increase the visibility of our libraries. To reach your goals for 2020, your library marketing needs to stay... Continue Reading →

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