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Good Marketing is Good Customer Service: 5 Cruise Industry Secrets to Steal For Your Library

Photo courtesy Cincinnati and Hamilton County Public Library My husband is an optimist. In April 2020, about a month into the pandemic, we learned that our planned family cruise was canceled. “No problem,” said my darling spouse. “We’ll rebook for... Continue Reading →

I Took a Vacation… and Realized Two Big Things About Libraries and Library Marketing!

Watch Now The Library Marketing Show, Episode 57 Angela moved her quarantine from Ohio to Virginia last week. While she was there, she realized two big things and she wanted to share those insights with you. And she shares kudos... Continue Reading →

I Asked a Podcast Host to Stop Interrupting His Guests. 😠 What His Reaction Can Teach Us About Library Customer Service.

A few weeks ago, I had an incredibly disappointing interaction with a man I've looked up to for ages. I'm not going to name him or his website in this post. But I've been listening to his podcasts for more... Continue Reading →

Four Sneaky Ideas to Insert Marketing Tactics Into Your Everyday Work as a Librarian

I need your help! In a few weeks, I'm giving a short online seminar to library directors about marketing! I have 15 minutes to convince them to throw their full support behind library marketing. I really want this talk to... Continue Reading →

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