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New Library Marketer Shares Her Winning TikTok Success Secrets!

Photo courtesy Cincinnati and Hamilton County Public Library Francesca Castro has been visiting libraries for as long as she can remember. “My mother took me to children's programs at the public library when I was very young,” recalled Francesca. “Then,... Continue Reading →

New Research on Teens, Your Library, and Social Media Plus You May Soon Have More Info About Your Library’s TikTok Audience! Select the video above to watch this episode. The Library Marketing​​​​​​​​ Show, Episode 169: We have news that could have an impact on your library's social media strategy. First, TikTok is testing audience insights, which give you a deeper... Continue Reading →

The 2023 Guide to Social Media for Libraries: New TikTok Success Secrets for This Year

Photo courtesy Cincinnati and Hamilton County Public Library This is the third installment in my series on social media best practices for libraries in 2023. These posts include best practices for the following platforms: LinkedIn Facebook Twitter YouTube Instagram TikTok... Continue Reading →

Instagram Adds Automated Captions, Facebook Expands Reels, and TikTok Goes Long: The Top Social Media Headlines for Libraries [VIDEO]

Watch Now The Library Marketing​​​​​​​​ Show, Episode 136: In this episode, we'll share the top three headlines and changes coming to Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, and talk about their impact on library promotions and marketing. Kudos in this episode go... Continue Reading →

The Library’s Guide to TikTok: The Pros and Cons of Joining One of the Hottest Social Media Platforms

Every night before bed, I watch TikTok for about 20 minutes. The videos in my "For You" feed consist of funny animals doing hilarious things, fashion and makeup (I really miss dressing up!)  and books. I’m outside of the platform’s... Continue Reading →

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