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Seven Seriously Super Ways to Target Teens at Your Library

This is the third and final part of our three-blog series on marketing to teenagers. Before you read this post, be sure to read this one and this one. Okay, here are seven more ideas for targeting the elusive teen... Continue Reading →

Five Super Easy Ways to Hook Teen Cardholders for Life!

Before you read this post, read this one. Okay, now you're ready to tackle marketing to teens. It's an important demographic and we need to focus our efforts on them to secure the future of our libraries. And if you... Continue Reading →

Why Marketing to Teenagers is THE MOST IMPORTANT Job You Have Right Now

Teenagers are the future of my library and yours. But traditional marketing fails to reach these media-savvy kids. So how do libraries build the foundation for a life-long relationship with this demographic? Here's the thing: It’s not all about technology!... Continue Reading →

How To Keep Teens From Rolling Their Eyes at Your Marketing

Teenagers. I have one. I'm blessed. She keeps her eye-rolling to a minimum and only asks me to stop embarrassing her about once a week.  I also have a pre-teen and she's even more generous, giving me a heads-up on new... Continue Reading →

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