Super Library Marketing: Practical Tips and Ideas for Library Promotion



A Library Staffer Reveals the Secret Formula for Connecting With and Entertaining Patrons. (Spoiler Alert: It’s a Podcast!) [ARTICLE]

Photo courtesy Cincinnati and Hamilton County Public Library digital collection At nearly every conference I attend, there is a session on podcasting for libraries. And no wonder, as podcasting has the cost of producing episodes has declined while listenership has... Continue Reading →

Now, More Than Ever, Your Library MUST Market the Collection!πŸ“šπŸ“š Here’s Why.

Watch Now The Library Marketing Show, Episode 69In this episode, Angela explains why she believes that marketing your library's collection will keep your library afloat during these trying times. She'll lay out three reasons why at least 50 percent of... Continue Reading →

Stats to Consider Before Your Library Dumps Facebook!

The Library Marketing Show: Episode 33 WATCH NOW In this episode, we talk about a hot button issue: deleting your library's Facebook account. Many libraries are thinking about quitting Facebook for a variety of reasons. In this episode, we go... Continue Reading →

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