Super Library Marketing: Practical Tips and Ideas for Library Promotion


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New Research on Teens, Your Library, and Social Media Plus You May Soon Have More Info About Your Library’s TikTok Audience! Select the video above to watch this episode. The Library Marketing​​​​​​​​ Show, Episode 169: We have news that could have an impact on your library's social media strategy. First, TikTok is testing audience insights, which give you a deeper... Continue Reading →

You Don’t Have To Be Cool To Promote Your Library to Teens! Here Are Seven Seriously Easy Ways To Connect With Gen Z

Once you have taken a look inside the minds and lives of Gen Z, you can focus energy on teens as a target promotional audience. Here are seven tips to create effective promotions that reach your teen audience. Create personas... Continue Reading →

Teens Read Emails. Here’s How To Make Sure They Notice Yours!

I live with two teenagers. They love their mobile devices. They are avid users of social media. They also check their email often. You might think that's a fluke. For a long time, I did! I thought that my nagging... Continue Reading →

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