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Four Instant Ways to Improve the Most Valuable Page on Your Library Website

I find lately that I'm obsessed of late with library web pages. I've set aside time every week to look at how different libraries around the world set up their websites. What do library's feature or highlight their homepage? How... Continue Reading →

Did You Notice? This Website Has a Super New Name!

Ladies and gentleman, this week I made an important decision. I took a leap and decided to rebrand this website. I have been thinking about you for months (were your ears burning?) I've been thinking about your jobs, your passion,... Continue Reading →

The Perfect Time To Send Cardholder Emails

Now that I've convinced you to send more powerful customer emails to your library cardholders, it's time to talk about the right time to hit the send button. I have one simple rule for library emails--shoot for your cardholders'¬†downtime. A¬†great... Continue Reading →

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