Ladies and gentleman, this week I made an important decision. I took a leap and decided to rebrand this website.

I have been thinking about you for months (were your ears burning?) I’ve been thinking about your jobs, your passion, your drive, your constraints, your strengths, your weaknesses, your fears, and your hopes. I have gone out of my way to talk to librarians, marketing directors, library directors, and cardholders. I have thought about what I hope to accomplish with these weekly posts and where I want the future of libraries and library marketing to go.

I decided that library marketers are superheroes. And you deserve an appropriate place to go online for advice, tips, fellowship, and encouragement.

And so, the new name of this website is:


When you type in this URL, I want you to think about yourself and your work the way I do.

You are super. You are awesome. You are heroes in a cynical, hustle-driven, no-holds-barred world.

This thing you do–library marketing–this is valuable work. And I hope you’ll find inspiration in each visit to this website.

I think you are super.

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