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The Five Most Pressing Social Media Problems Faced by Every Library Marketer

This may mean I'm weird but one of my favorite things to do is check for information about social media on the Social Media Today website. And I'm a little obsessed with their monthly statistics report, which they publish in... Continue Reading →


Sensational and Free (or Cheap) Social Media Scheduling Tools

A well thought out social media strategy is only half the battle for library marketers looking to reach audiences without spending budget. Once you decide who you will talk to, and what you will say, it's time to figure out... Continue Reading →

Why Libraries Should Stop Worrying About Dark Social!

Dark social sounds menacing, like a bad guy from a comic book or a low-budget science fiction action movie. But the reality isn't a sexy or as dangerous as it sounds. Dark social refers to the practice of sharing content... Continue Reading →

Protect Your Library Social Media Accounts From a Security Breach

I listened to two episodes of the Social Media Examiner podcast that put the fear of God into me and created more work for my social media specialist (sorry Adam). The scenario that had me going to Code Red was... Continue Reading →

Solve the Mystery Of LinkedIn With One Seriously Easy Step

This is a short post. Because the answer to the question, "How did your library double engagement on LinkedIn?" is easy. We started posting more often. Let's back up a bit. Why would a library even consider being on LinkedIn? It's just one... Continue Reading →

Ninja Secrets to Make Pinterest Work for Your Library

If you are still on the fence about whether your Library should be active on Pinterest, allow me to help you decide. Get on it. The platform is perfect for library collection marketing. Pinterest is really just a search engine. Pinterest is... Continue Reading →

The State of Library Marketing 2016 Survey Results

First, I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who filled out the library marketing survey I sent back in December. The survey is my way of understanding the challenges you face when trying to market your library. I use these results to create posts that... Continue Reading →

Convince Your Critics: How To Spin a Negative Library Review

In the world of consumer reviews, libraries have it pretty easy. Most of our cardholders love us and rave about everything we do. It's good to be beloved. But we do have our critics. And it's hard to know how to... Continue Reading →

It’s Time For Libraries To Jump on the Slideshare Wagon

If your library hasn't started creating content for Slideshare, I think you should. It doesn't cost you any money and it's easy to learn. It's a faster and cheaper way to teach your customers about the services offered by your... Continue Reading →

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