Library Marketing Show Episode 11

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Reader question: Tiffany Wilson of Chattahoochee Valley Libraries says, “We’ve recently added a Multi-Media Production Specialist position to our Community Engagement Department. As expected, everyone is extremely excited about his skill set. What criteria have you established for video production?”

Thanks for the question, Tiffany! I just added a videographer and I’m having the same problem… er… challenge as you. Everyone wants a video. I talk about how I’m setting boundaries and the form I’ve created to help me channel all marketing promotional requests into the right tactics.

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Kudos: Going out to the Brantford Library in Brantford, Ontario, Canada for the classy way they used social media to respond to an act of vandalism at their Main Library.

Brantford Library's twitter response to vandalism

Book review: This week, I reviewed Unlearning God: How Unbelieving Helped Me Believe by Phillip Gulley. Hey, let’s connect on Goodreads because I’m obsessive about keeping track of books and writing reviews and I love getting recommendations from other readers!


If a customer has a bad experience, word will spread fast. That’s why the Pioneer Library System in Oklahoma made customer satisfaction a priority for all library staff. Learn how they used Orangeboy, Inc. to build a stronger library during a special webinar on the Net Promoter Score on Sept. 19. Register now.

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