The good news: I finally got the screen recorder to work and I was able to upload the whole show to this post (including a funny bit at the beginning where I do my set up. I don’t have the ability to edit video yet!!)

Watch it now

Things we talked about

How to handle criticism of your library. I shared an experience I had with a marketing expert that I look(ed) up to. I am thinking about the way he responded to me in terms of library marketing.

We all face criticism and we have to handle it in a professional and constructive manner. I’m thinking of taking this interaction and turning it into a learning experience by writing a blog post about how to handle criticism of your library.

If you have any thoughts on that subject or can share examples of how you or someone at your library deftly handled criticism from a customer, resident, taxpayer, stakeholder, or community leader, please let me know in the contact form at the bottom of this post.

We also talked about social media followers: do you need a bunch and how do you get more? The short answer is no and no. Watch the episode for a fuller explanation.

Social media is the topic of my talk at the Library Marketing and Communications  Conference in November! Register to attend that event plus register for a free webinar on digital promotions later this month. You’ll find links on the events page.

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