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Shandi from the Illinios Heartland Library System sent me this question:  I just read your blog article “How to Launch a Library Blog.” I would love to hear more about this! Specific question: Our new website won’t be ready for maybe 8 months (at our current rate). I want to add a blog with the introduction of our new site. When do you suggest beginning to curate articles? I’m thinking I could start now with evergreen pieces, right? Thanks!

So I talked through my answer to that question and gave some advice for creating evergreen content for a library marketing blog. I’m excited to see what Shandi’s blog looks like and to read the content she curates.

If you’ve got a library blog that you really love, please let me know in the comments. I’m curating a list of great library blogs to share in a future post so get your nominations in! Thanks for the question, Shandi.

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Thanks to everyone who attended the webinar with Library Journal and Recorded Books on July 25. I am going to answer all the questions either on the live show, on my blog, or via email so be watching for that!

I’m speaking at two conferences this fall and you can register for both on the Upcoming Events page. The OLC released their full agenda this week and it looks like a great conference. Plus, you’ll be able to tour my library!

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We’ll chat on Instagram on Tuesday at noon EST for about 15 minutes. My handle is @Webmastergirl so follow me to see the show live!