In this episode, we answer a question from Megan from the Redford Township District Library in Michigan. She asks, “I’m brand new! New to the Redford library and new to the Library realm in general. I am two years out of college and my most recent marketing experience is in the automotive field (very different ). I am wondering where do I start? Tips & tricks for just starting off?”

I offer some advice and starting tips for Megan. Be sure to add your advice to the comments! Let’s crowd source a great experience for Megan’s first year as a library marketer!

I also offer kudos to the King County Library system in the state of Washington for their brave decision to stop buying eBooks from Macmillan. They did it in response to Macmillan’s decision to embargo new eBook sales to libraries for two months. It’s brave and if we all band together and follow their lead, we might be able to make a difference! Read this great article from Publisher’s Weekly on their decision.

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