Alright my friends, you asked for it and I’ve delivered. The Library Marketing Show is now pre-recorded and posted on YouTube! This week’s episode comes to you from the vintage newspaper stacks of my library.

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What We Talked About

Library news: I discussed the recent decision by four publishing companies to change the lending models for eBook and eAudiobook leases to public libraries. It’s going to affect the way libraries market their collection and cause customer service complaints at libraries to rise. And that makes me angry.

Reader question: Babette from the Licking County Library wrote in to ask me to discuss this: “How to help your ‘traditional’ staff understand and EMBRACE new ways to market. They are so disappointed that we are not doing tons of paper flyers, promoting every program on FB, press releases not being in the newspaper, etc. Staff struggling with the change. Sigh….”

Great question, and thanks Babette! I tried to share how I’ve handled this ongoing issue by explaining (over and over again) to staff that embracing new marketing tactics, particularly digital tactics, is not doing “less” marketing but actually doing more. It’s more efficient, it reaches customers where they are, and it allows us to get our message in front of new customers. I also love to share the marketing statistic that says we have to “touch” our customers 4-7 times with a marketing message before they will “convert” or take an action on any marketing message. If a person doesn’t come into your physical branch, they’ll never see your print marketing materials! I also tried to explain why I’m not ever super worried about press coverage of my library, particularly by newspapers. There are better ways to communicate your message, like a customer-facing blog. And when you’re doing the messaging, you get to control the narrative. For more on that subject, read How to Get Media Coverage Without a Press Release.

Kudos: Finally, I gave a shout-out to my friends at the Jefferson County Public Library for this hilarious and clever response to my stress-related tweet on Tuesday! I laughed all night!

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