The #LibraryMarketing Show, Episode 28: Brenna Jaco at the Lubbock Public Library in Lubbock, Texas submitted this question: “I just discovered your blog and I wish I had the time to go back and read all your posts from the beginning. In your opinion, what are the most important/useful/favorite blog posts and YouTube videos you’ve done over the years?”

Thanks for the question, Brenna! I give the top three blog posts and videos, ranked by views. That means other library marketing pros found them helpful. I hope you will too!

The Top video was Fighting Back Against the Endless Poster-Flyer-Bookmark Cycle! #LibraryMarketing Show: Episode 8.

A close second was Best Free Ways To Reach Non-Cardholders! #LibraryMarketing Show: Episode 13.

And finally, people love Advice for Digital Signage in Libraries! The #LibraryMarketing Show: Episode 21.

Now for the top three blog posts. The top post is The Best Library Customer Service Advice from an Expert! I interviewed Dan Gingiss, author of Winning at Social Customer Care: How Top Brands Create Engaging Experiences on Social Media.

People also love my early list of the best conference for library marketers. There’s no link because it’s outdated now, but a new list for 2020 is coming out on February 3rd!!

Finally, one of the most popular posts is about how my library increased participation in our summer reading program by 97% one year!

And KUDOS go out to the East Baton Rouge Parish Library System because they have a Library Road show! It’s a whole 30-minute show on YouTube.  It’s well-produced and informative. Great job!

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