The Library Marketing Show: Episode 29


A Library Marketing show viewer recently asked me: Do you target specific audiences with different social media venues?

I do, but I reverse engineer it! I’ll explain in this video.

Also, kudos go out to Cesar from the Austin Public Library in Austin, Texas. He wrote an article in the Texas Library Journal on the topic of social media ambassadors, how they work and why your library needs them. We hear a lot about using influencers on social media but the traditional influencer model doesn’t really work for libraries. And this is a version that will work. These are volunteers who willingly help promote your library on their personal social media channels. We know social proof is really important in social media promotion-that idea that other people are really into this one particular thing, your library because it gives people FOMO and a sense that they might be missing out if they don’t get in on some library action! Cesar lays out how his library recruits and uses ambassadors and how they’ve helped the Austin Public Library.   

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