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The #LibraryMarketing Show, Episode 178: A viewer issues a plea for help!

Grace wrote in with this request:

I am interested in working on our YouTube channel but I am really struggling with content ideas. In the past, no one held the only marketing position at my library so everyone made content (especially during the pandemic). This was good because subscribers were hearing book reviews, storytime programs, etc. directly from librarians and programmers.

Now that I am in the sole marketing position, I would like to do videos, but I don’t think folks want to get their book reviews, book recommendations, etc. from a marketer. And now, post-pandemic(ish), our librarians are back in-person doing traditional library roles and don’t have time to support much with content creation.

Any recommendations for the best approach to take to YouTube if a library marketer has limited access to our very busy librarians?

I’ll share five tips for coming up with great ideas for YouTube videos.

Kudos in this episode go to a school librarian named Lucas Maxwell.

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